How to Prepare for an Audition

Auditioning is undoubtedly the first step to becoming an accomplished actor. It’s a hurdle anyone venturing into music or acting must be ready to handle as this is where it all begins. Many dreams have died at this stage. While you will not necessarily be successful in most of the auditions you take part in, the most important thing is learning the lessons along the way. If you have been shortlisted and are looking for the best ways to showcase your talent, here are great tips to help you nail that audition.

Read and Memorise the Script

One of the mistakes you don’t want to commit is showing up for an audition when you are clueless about what the script says. Read the script, understand it and memorise your lines in the process. Pick a few key points to give if you are asked to give your views on it.

Research, Research, Research

It is certainly a great idea to thoroughly research the role you are auditioning for. Through research, you will also understand what is expected of you and how to relate to the other characters. Have all the information you need about the character and the role.

Own the Character

Having gone through the script, you must learn how to be the character they are looking for. Show up in the right clothes, hair, and demeanour to prove you are the right person for the role. Own the character mentally and physically.