Top Reasons Why Theatre is Still Important

Technology has undoubtedly altered the way that people consume content. With a mobile device and a stable internet connection, it is relatively easy to access any type of content online.

Companies such as Netflix and many others, also focusing on the production of video games have disrupted the entertainment industry. People can select whatever they want to watch or listen to, from wherever they are. While many aspects of the entertainment scene might never be the same again, one of the places still relevant even in the technological world is theatre.

Theatres provide a perfect escape where art lovers get a chance to disconnect from the busy world, which is a great thing to do every once in a while.

Theatres are not about to lose their value in the societies we live in. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it is a good idea to visit a theatre in your neighbourhood every once in a while.

Promotes Self Knowledge

Artistes use the stage to entertain, educate and inspire. In most cases, plays are based on issues facing the societies we live in. While the idea is to be engaged, this is one of the best ways to learn about human behaviour. It is also a great way of calling for social change.

Human Connection

In a theatre, you get to connect with artistes and fellow audiences. This goes to show that you are not alone. You interact with other human beings who believe in the same things you do. This is not something you can achieve by watching a movie on a screen.

Good for the Brain

Believe it or not, studies have linked taking part in theatre to good grades. Researches show that students who participate in theatre perform better than those who don’t.

From whatever angle you look at it, theatres are still very relevant in society.