Three Questions About Auditions Answered

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Your dream of becoming a great actor, actress, or singer may die or flourish during an audition. This is the first step even the most accomplished artistes you know had to take. It is a crucial test that determines if your future is in the arts industry or not.

Some people are lucky enough to land their first role in a play or movie during their initial audition. At the same time, others have to try a couple of times before being recognised.

As in any other field, acting careers take different paths; all that matters is your determination and what inspires you as you pursue your dream.

Preparing for your next audition? Questions you must answer.

Where Are the Auditioning Opportunities?

If you are starting out, finding the opportunities can be challenging. However, searching online can give you great ideas on where to find them and position yourself as an upcoming artiste. Before responding to a casting call, have your CV ready, headshot, and your showreel.

What Should I Expect During an Audition?

Always treat this as any other job interview. Be professional and respect your fellow competitors. Arrive at the venue on time, and it is always courteous to switch off your mobile phone once already there. Be prepared and show confidence as you hit the stage.

What’s the Best Way to Prepare for an Audition?

One thing you must always do before going for an audition is gathering enough information about that particular project and the people in it through research. Watch some of their projects and identify their style and make sure you fully understand what it is they are looking for in you.